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tv   [untitled]    June 19, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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nity [inaudible] >> thank you next speaker please >> [speaking spanish] >> good mooning everybody, my name is [inaudible] and one othf members of lavos latina. i say that with pride because people like surgeio lopez and kelly [inaudible] have really helped me a lot both with housing and just with my general state of my soul. so,
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i got to this organization because my husband was hit by a stray bullet when i was pregnant with my oldest son who is now 7. it is hard for me to talk about it, it was a very hard time in my life. my husband suffered very-had a very hard time. they took out
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all most 40 cm of his intestines and he was struggling a lot. and therefore i was telling you dpies that i felt really depressed and dissempowered and working with them i really-it really improved my situation. i recommend this organization to all my friends z people that i meet because of their results i have seen and therefore i'm
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here supervisors to ask for you to keep the doors open of lavos latina for all the good work they do >> thank you next speaker please >> good morning everyone, my name is resa mariea and i'm a resident in the tenderloin. i live at turk and leaven worth. i'm here in support of lavos latina and them getting their funding for their budget. lavos latina within the last year and a half plus has vibrantly, dynamicly and benefitly filled a vacuum that was very much needed in the tenderloin community for lutino families and lutinny mono lingual individuals in the community. they helped clean up the community. they helped bring community together
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hosting a series of workshops on immigrant rights, worker rights and tenet rights, many other topics. i feel lavos latina is incredbly important as they sunch the lutino population in the tenderloin and the only [inaudible] and this neighborhood will be changing very soon. this neighborhood is already starting to feel the inroachment of development and i think it is very strongly supportive for me to ask that you please support lavos latina for not just the work that they have done in the past and are kuntly doing but all the work that will await them in the future. thank you so much >> thank you next speaker please >> [speaking spanish] good
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morning my name is maria [inaudible] and this is my daughter kimberley. i'm here to support lavos latina before coming to the lavos latina program i didn't know people in my neighborhood. i also didn't knote the services that were vairbl in my neighborhood, the tenderloin. now that i know lavos latina i have gotten to know fmlies that live in our
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community. now i know what the families needs are and how they can be met and i know that lavos latina i'm confident lavos latina is working to improve our neighborhood and the need of the community. lavos latina is the only organization that works in the tenderloin neighborhood with my community and therefore i think it is fundamental that they stay open to serve my community in my neighborhood. thank you
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>> [speaking spanish] >> my name is juan [inaudible]
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and i got introduced to lavos latina when i was going through very difficult times and i had economic problems and they were able to help me subsidize my rent and that was fundamentally important to me. i think there are not a lot of organization in my neighborhood play that role and really able to effect peoples live and want to thank
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[inaudible] and all the team because they are really there when people need them and think the organization is really a great organization and i want them to continue to work with folks like me that would otherwise be in real real trouble if they were not around. >> [speaking spanish] i'm a senior citizen in the tenderloin. >> his name is [inaudible] and he soosenior citizen and lives in the tenderloin. so, as a
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senior citizen i first got introduced to lavos latina when was about to be evicted from my apartment. i went to lavos latina and met kelly [inaudible] and she was able to help me and i'm very thankful for all the work that she did.
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there are many people in the tenderloin struggling and many people in wheelchairs or on crutches that are sick and think it is important that i'm here today to ask supervisors to not forget about that and realize we need help for those people, we need help for people like me. thank you. >> thank you next speaker please >> [speaking spanish] hi my name is careena, i went to lavos latina fist time 6 years ago. i was without a job and i
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found out that lavos latina they were able to support me with a stipend. unfortunately help like the stipend have gone first reducing and now all most disappearing in programs like lavos latina. of course you xoe it is part of the economic help that they can give is what they have available so the economic support is very short and limited to the funds that are available. but, also
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givelen these circumstances lavos latina never gave up. they were there every day, kept the doors open gives us all the support they could. and so i hope you will consider our appeal and you know the tenderloin neighborhood very well and you know their needs. thank you for listening to us and may god bless you >> thank you, next speaker please >> mr. chair i would thrike tanote we have a quaurm of the board present >> thank you >> my name is [inaudible] and i'm the childcare and after
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school program manager at [inaudible] i think first i want to thank you for listening today and hearing all the public comment because we definitely appreciate your support ovall. i'm here to specifically ask that you support the c pack budget priorities particularly the sustaining grants. they definitely help us to provide childcare and after school services for many families you heard speak here today from the tenderloin and we provide those services all year long for free for them. there is a significant amount of fund raising that has to be done for continue to provide quality care and services for fmlies in the tenderloin as well as insureing that we are able to hire quality staff and pay the salaries that are compatible so i ask that you continue to and really consider not cutting sustaining grants >> thank you next speaker
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please >> hi, thank frz this opportunity. i'm here to speak in support of the program you heard a lot about lavos latina. they have been a long standing presence in the tenderloin and have programs focused on leadership development, community advocase and immigration right. they accomplished very very much with very very little. currently i serve as the executive director of tenderloin safe pass chck and work with lavos to create a culture of safety in the neighborhood. or organization, would not exist if it had not been for lavos litina. the idea for safe passage was sparked from members of lavos who reached out to the community and advocate td there be a program like safe passage and they continued to be a integral part of our organization. the mu jrt of the volunteers come through
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lavos latina and they are committed responsibility passionate and bravetiment isn't easy to stand on the corner of turk and leaven worth for a hour every after school but the volunteers through lavos do it saerfb a ever day and with a friendly smile. we at safe passage rely on their leadership program to improve safety so i'm here for you to ask to invist in lavos this budget cycle. you are not only helping residence but other organizations as well and this program has a huge impact on many peoples lives. thank you >> thank you next speaker please >> good morning board of supervoizers my name is frank lenered junior and first i want to thank you for your time and want to say thank you for your
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collaborative effort toward keeping the city running smoothly and know it isn't a easy job. i'm sure your desk are piled high with comment and suggestions from individuals all over the city for how they think it can be done better so thaupg for what you have done, but there is much much more that needs to be done. i'm here truly to support the hes sp proposal and request of any other proposals presented by the organizations here to insure the safety, sanity and long term wellbeing of not only the housealize fmlies and individuals of the tenderloin community but every community in san francisco. i couldn't have progressed in the cities challenging shelter system without the support and resources provided by some of
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the resource centers like hospitalty house, [inaudible] saint vincent de paul and saint antany. it is beautiful city and i pray it stays that way, but these are some very important and critical things that have to be addressed when considering the aalarming amount of homelessness that there is here in the city and the amount of money this city generates. i urge your sympathy deciding on the new budget and we new housing and less harassment. thank you very much for your time >> thank you. next speaker please >> hi supervisors my name is [inaudible] advocase coordinator at saent anteany foundation rchlt saent saint aenthany provides food, access to technology, clothing u
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social work service, drug and alcohol treatment and we do so without government funding. that said, we are leer in support today of our-the communities ask related to budget justice and the hes p proposal as well as the food security task force. all services that comprise all the groups weerks all work together in a continuum to assist folks trying to transition into stability and without each other having robust services we all as individuals can't do our jobs as well. on a pernt note i want to say that i am a victim of violent crime. recently i was robbed at gun point walking home from work a. the time i worked 2 jobs. i
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don't have a car so walking home at night was something i had to do a lot and i was robbed at gun point and want to say as a person of a violent crime, i was robbed twice, from my perspective what make as community safer is community based programs that help to alleviate the inequality, poverty that create the social disorder that creates a unsafe staif so i want to put that out there as someone who has been robbed at gun point to say i support the community [inaudible] >> good morning supervisor, happy friday. stefany athly and executive director of saint
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james infurmety and [inaudible] at one point i stafed member of the board of supervisor on the budget process so have a great deal of sympathy for thumount of work you have all put into the process. but i'm here today as a younger women standing in support with my transgender sister who are excluded from housing and employment and health opportunity in san francisco and all too often subject to violence. transgender women in the city are criminalized for being tranlz gender often by the police department that this board is considering director more resources towards and then when they are incarcerated they are discriminated and excluded from are entry service because they are transjendser. when my friend [inaudible] was murdered at the start of the year the community rallied on the steps of the building and in the board chambers and lurd many
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make commitments to investing in life supporting and life saving services for transgender women of colorment now is your opportunity to make good on that commitment. i urge you to use this budget process to support the critical work of organizations run by transwem ochb cull ursuch as tgiap and the transgender activist for justing and accountability. these organizations are undersupported and underfundsed and instead of directing more resources into the system that criminalize the transgender community i urge you to support [inaudible] it is pride month and hope we can have a budget with pride in it. thank you. >> thank you next speaker please >> my name is [inaudible] i'm a
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senior who lives in [inaudible] senior facility. i'm here to request you keep in the budget or add in the budget money for training for seniors in computer training so seniors can really be part of the community and the world in todays world of computerized world. thank you >> thank you next speaker please >> good morning all for taking the time to hear us. my name is [inaudible] program manager at lavendered youth recreation and information center. here to ask for support for expanded services for lgbt [inaudible] youth. we are asking for 530 thousand dollars to create a safer environment for queer and transyouth color in san francisco through case management, work force development, leadership development opportunity that
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are paid as well as access to housing resources. this is another critical virmt as part of a overall proposal through the budget justing coalition. i mentioned this 530 thousand dollar ask in contribution to that would be aortyouth advocate to the program so we can serve additional 30 to 40 queer and transyouth to the program as well as employ 5 transition age youth through our leadership development program. they would be become queer educators and lead other young folks in harnessing and beeling leadership. in addition to that i also wanted toachyo comment that sefany made regard thg tasha coalition and tg [inaudible] some of my friend work at those organization squz i urge you all to support these organizations that are
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providing critical resources to transwomen of color. additionally, one of our youth who accessed services this year at lyric committed suicide. she was a transgender woman of color and there was so much violence that transwomen are facing in san francisco and i feel like i have been to many event at city hall and other places where people try to share their story and what is going on and [inaudible] >> thank you very much >> my name is barb raw [inaudible] and here representing folks with community connects specifically in the outer mission asking you to keep funding us because we are making a lot of progress and it is well spent money for everything we get from the city and every speaker we have coming in. we probably have 5 times as many people
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volunteering. if you were in my neighborhood on std you can come for a pot luck and be in the healthy training [inaudible] next month we are having a [inaudible] and a decluttering lecture that will follow a garage sale. it is grass roots organization. people spend a lot of time and a lot oof seniors get out of the house, thank you >> thank you next speaker please >> good morning rks my name is jim steven and lichb in north beach and a tutor and was a lab manager at aquatic park for the computer lab that deal specifically with seniors. i would like to thank supervisor chew get thg money released for the program to go forward and also like to thank real atech who does the services of our
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computers. [inaudible] who did a supurb job supporting us. this group for their hope in putting in tutors and trainers for teaching seniors how to use these computers. 30 percent of seniors do not have computers or understand them of what they can do or the power of them. we had-personally i helped a mother find her adopted son. a chineees speaker find glazes for his ceramic work which was supurb. the plan that noded to order prescriptions over the internet through kaiser. it goes on and on and on and we need more support and more
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money, a lot more money in keeping these machines going and training. please increase the funding for training and for hiring people to tutor. tutors spend 400 thousand dollars that they donate in time and money. if you paid them minimum wage, so please put in additional money for more tutors. thank you >> thank you next speaker please >> my name is [inaudible] and i'm here with the coalition on homelessness to support the hes pa ask spinge specific to ask for exist out of homelessness for the next coming year 2016 because the housing authority has told us that they are good eing to be mow longer housing
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families for the year 2016 because of rehabilitation and also there are no desinginating exists out of homelessness through the pipeline. we see this as a massive problem because lost subsidize are the best exist out of homelessness for fmlies. as a formerly homeless mother who moved into a bmr unit that also received a grant i tell most of the affordable housing constructed isn't affordable especially to single mothers which make up 75 percent of the homeless family population and most of the families we work with are homeless mothers who can't access the affordable housing being constructed so we are here to urge you today to please find the 70 lost subsidize we are requesting for the year 2016. >> thank you next speaker please
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>> good noon afternoon supervisors. my name is thomas [inaudible] first let me comp lment chair farrell for the new and improve public comment for for thhearings this year. it is nice to not have to see seniors disaiblted and children standing in line for 5 or 6 hours to give 120 seconds of their wisdom. with that being said it would be impossible to discuss all the city departments that are under consideration right now so i'll just focus on my highest priority and that would be to fund televising the sun hp shine task force so that members of the public the electorate can see which city agencies departments and elected officials are complying with the